Core Programs


This is our research and development program. Under this program we:
  • Develop mobile applications on landscape and wildlife threats monitoring
  • Conduct High Conservation Value Areas Assessments
  • Assist in Identifying Measurable and Reportable Biodiversity Conservation Targets


This is our species and habitats conservation program. Under this program we:
  • Identify survival envelopes of critically endangered species or fragile ecosystems
  • Assist in the developments of species


This is our capacity building program. Under this program we:
  • Work towards the recognition of local indigenous peoples system of management
    of  their ancestral land and seas
  • Facilitate and organise rehabilitation and ecosystem stability through
    family-based approaches


This is our business and biodiversity program. We engage business sectors to achieve no
net loss on biodiversity. Under this program we:
  • Assist in the development of mitigation plans to achieve no net loss or identify
    biodiversity offsets
CCI is supporting the following on-going projects in the Philippines:
  1. Biodiversity and Watersheds Improved for Stronger Economy and Ecosystem Resilience Project (B+WISER)
  2. Refining Biodiversity Conservation targets in High Value Conservation Areas (HCVA) in the Mt. Nacolod Landscape (South Pacific Integrated Area Development Foundation Inc. and Foundation for the Philippine Environment
  3. High Conservation Value Areas Assessment in South Western Mindanao (Buldon and Talayan Municipalities) – Hineleban Foundation Inc.
  4. Negros bleeding-heart Pigeon (Gallicolumba keayi) Survey in Southern Negros – Bristol Zoological Society
  5. High Conservation Areas Assessment in Southern Negros – Energy Development Corporation
  6. Developing Models of Local Indigenous Marine Management in the Philippines – Fauna and Flora International
  7. Crafting Opportunities in Reef Areas for Life Necessities – Fauna and Flora International Inc.
  8. Facilitating and Organizing Rehabilitation and Ecosystem Stability Through Family-Based Approaches (FOREST Families) – Philippines Disaster Resilience Foundation Inc.
  9. Philippine Cinnamon Conservation Project – Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc. and Fauna and Flora International